Living in Texas, we know some of the hottest days are right around the corner. We all dread the expensive summer electric bills caused by our constantly running air conditioner. And while we see loads of advertisements and commercials for electric companies jockeying for your business by providing the lowest energy rate, what we don’t see very often are ways we can reduce our electric expenses.

Below are 10 ways to immediately reduce your energy consumption and, in turn, lower your energy expenses year-round.

1. Use a programmable thermostat.
This allows you to program a temperature and/or time setting. It’s particularly helpful when you go to work or go out of town. It will automatically adjust to your programmed settings even if someone has changed the setting.

2. Extra-insulate your home.
Attic insulation is a must-have for these hot Texas summers. The hotter your attic area is, the warmer your house will stay.

3. Wear comfortable clothing.
Tank tops and flip flops are the summer uniform for most Texans, but also using lighter blankets at night will prevent you from touching that thermostat.

4. Replace your air filter.
Once an air filter gets clogged, you’re a/c unit will have to work harder. This is an easy item to forget to replace but setting a reminder in your smart phone helps!

5. Lower the temperature on the water heater.
Most of us love hot showers, but not only does it increase your electricity use, this can also be dangerous if you have small children in the house.

6. Balance electricity use by running appliances strategically.
This is easy…don’t use your washing machine, dryer and dishwasher at the same time!

7. Save electricity by washing clothes in cold water.
Laundry detergent has come a long way and most include an antibacterial element so washing in cold water is just as effective as hot water and saves you money.

8. Reduce heat waste by checking doors and windows for leaks.
Air can escape easily through windows and doors, as well as sneak into your house creating a vicious cycle.

9. Check that your appliances work properly.
Older appliances tend to use more energy so replacing them with newer technology can save money in the long run.

10. Consider a prepaid electric bill plan.
Research what type of plan works best for your needs, but prepaid plans tend to be less expensive.

If any of these tips help, we’d love to hear from you.

As always, we’re here to check and maintain electrical systems to ensure your home or commercial system is running efficiently.

Stay cool this summer!