Most professions require advanced training and certification. But a highly successful business invests in its employees and provides continued education, training, and certification. This not only helps the employees but also provides clients with the peace of mind that the job or project will be done professionally and accurately. This becomes even more important when dealing with electricity.

With new technology, such as energy-efficient LED lighting, it’s vitally important that the technician is up to date and certified in new procedures and installation requirements. Besides national certification companies, larger specialized companies are also reaching out to provide certification for technicians. For example, Ephesus is the go-to company for LED sports lighting and they have now certified Starbrite Electric in both installation and distribution. I, along with my team, attended an intensive training and certification course. We are now officially licensed and certified to install and distribute all Ephesus products.

I believe in education and training and provide my employees with the opportunity to further their training and education. Our investment is not just monetary because we believe this benefits our clients just as much as our employees. We are honored to help pay for education and create opportunities for someone to learn a skill or trade. Technology is constantly changing, and we are committed to keeping up with the latest trends, both visually and educationally.

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