With a new decade on the horizon, the question seems to be ‘What new technology will make our personal and professional lives easier and simpler?’ As we approach our 24th year in business, we too are looking to utilize technology and become more efficient by investing in our employees and services to help our customers all the while still staying true to our small-town roots.

My grandfather was the sheriff of Austin County from 1951-1987 and he was a man of great integrity who cared very much for the people of Austin County. He instilled in me his wisdom, determination and a strong work ethic. He often gave me great advice throughout the years but one piece that stands out above the rest is this…He said, “If you don’t learn something new within the first hour after you get out of bed, you may as well just go back to bed.” You might laugh but this has motivated me all these years! Every person has the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with someone else on a daily basis. And we have recently met some of these amazing people and brought them aboard to our Starbrite team. I look forward to introducing them soon.

With their help, we are working on a feature that will allow our techs to use tablets on the job and streamline bids, work orders, and payments. This eliminates unnecessary paperwork and gives us more time to focus on the job at hand and satisfying our customers. It will even let you know when the tech is on his way, which is not only convenient but puts an extra layer of added security and safety. You will also now have access to the job information, bid, technician info and be able to make a payment ALL from the new app that we are launching in January.

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service, convenience, quality workmanship, through our team of trustworthy, certified technicians who you can depend on now and in the future. We follow technology trends in order to provide the absolute best service to our community and customers. But most importantly, all of our technicians are IEC certified so that we can be sure that safety is our number one priority. Safety along with technology sets us above the rest…let us prove it to you. Call today for a service estimate!