If you are interested in learning about how you can save money on ongoing lighting costs, an energy audit to establish the need for and benefit of retrofitting and/or upgrading is a great place to start. Fact of the matter is, investing in LEDs is saving a lot of companies a small fortunate in electric costs and an audit from Starbrite can help you:

  • Weigh the cost of investing in LEDs against the time it will take to realize savings.
  • Understand the lifetime of the bulbs as it relates to your business lease.
  • Explore what systems meet your requirements for brightness, heat, and lifetime.

What most people find is that LEDs are a great option.

Retrofitting systems and installing LEDs can be an investment upfront, but the costs are generally recouped quickly and savings realized with this low maintenance, highly efficient alternative to the fluorescent or incandescent systems.

LED products use so much less energy and last so much longer than CFL and Incandescent bulbs. A comparison of bulb cost, lifespan, and usage makes the case easy to see. This chart from thesimpledollar.com shows a savings example based on the savings on a single bulb. Keep in mind, most LED fixtures come with a 5–10 year warranty and are estimated to last anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. So the savings multiplies with time and by the number of bulbs in play.

LEDs are low maintenance, but that doesn’t mean they are no maintenance.

At Starbrite we recommend a proactive, scheduled maintenance plan for all our clients. Maintenance should cover indoor and exterior lighting. Regular reviews ensure repairs and maintenance are done proactively, with the goal of preventing the need for unnecessary and costly replacements. You know what they say about an ounce of prevention…

Regulary scheduled inspections of luminaires and their components; routine cleaning; testing of emergency/life safety features; and measurement of light output with a light meter are all part of the process. When it comes to LED luminaires, replacement of components when a failure occurs is essential to realizing lifetime potential. Despite the fact that low maintenance is one of LEDs greatest selling points, it’s a misnomer to believe that once you install an LED lighting system, it’s going to operate without any problems at all for many years.

Who isn’t interested in reducing monthly electrical costs 30 percent to 50 percent?

Whether your reason for updating your indoor and/or outdoor lighting systems is because your company is “going green” or you would like to reduce overhead costs by consuming less energy, there are many options available which would contribute toward a measurable ROI.

What’s more, you don’t have to do a major overhaul to see a savings. Use your maintenance plan to take on retrofitting and upgrades a little bit at a time. Starbrite can help you evaluate how smaller projects will impact the bottom line, and make recommendations on where to start. Best of all, we’ll do the work as part of your regularly scheduled maintenance program. For example, we might start by replace parking garage or parking lot fixtures; retrofit or replace existing outdated interior fluorescent fixtures; replace existing wall switches in offices; or install Ceiling Occupancy Sensors in common areas.

If you aren’t on a maintenance plan, or want to know exactly what an upgrade could save you call us today to schedule an audit and learn more about a maintenance program designed for your needs.